Alexis Graham “Alayna”

Alexis Graham “Alayna”

Stylist/Reporter, HS All-Starz TV Show
career achievements

My name is Alexis Graham, but I’m known as “Alayna” on the show. I am a senior at Johnson & Wales University, and my major is Fashion merchandising and Retailing. I played soccer and basketball during my days in high school.

I am interested in owning my own men’s clothing line, as my long-term goal. I am an aspiring men’s stylist transitioning into a celebrity stylist, as my short-term goal. My education at Johnson & Wales University taught me the principals through the fashion industry and allowed me to think critically in making executive decisions and connections entering the fashion world.

I want to make a difference by allowing any race or gender to pursue their dreams and understand how a piece of material can be transformed into something magnificent by just allowing your mind to be free.

Through fashion, I can be myself. I love the life of the 90s and love shoes . I implement the two together throughout my style in expressing who I am as an individual. I love sports-specifically basketball and I like to see how the NBA players bring their game off the court with their style. Connect to Alayna on Instagram at: @Alaynaworld_xo.