Briona May

Briona May

Reporter, HS All-Starz TV Show
career Achievements

I am Briona May, a 2019 graduate of Shaw University where I obtained a B.A in Social Work. I have served my campus and the raleigh community in many leadership capacities and became the first and only Miss Shaw to acquire the conference title of Food Lion’s Miss CIAA 2018.

As an activist, former collegiate student-athlete, servant leader, and much more, I have established a brand called BeYOUniquellyWE.  It’s a hedonistic organization that focuses on the college community by providing resources, support, professional development and network connections to anyone in college. You can follow us on IG and myself at Briunique_ .

I have dedicated my life to uplifting those around me and my motto is YOU+ME=WE. I aspire to become one of a very few apprentice lawyers from the great state of Lovers in my hometown of Hampton, Virginia. Once achieving this stature, I will go on to become the Attorney General of the United States of America as my long-standing goal.

Connect with me on Instagram at:@briunique_@youniquelly_we.