Celebrity DJ Shogun

Celebrity DJ Shogun

HS All-Starz DJ
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Much like Picasso is to oils and canvas, so is New York’s own DJ Shogun is to vinyl. His veritable client list reads as a Red Carpet ‘A List’ and his creative flow and passion established him quickly as an expert and consummate professional in his field; however quite simply, it all just started with love.

“Music, beats, pulse and public reaction drove me early,” says Mr. Murdock whose resume boasts The Michael Jordan Celebrity Golf Invitational & the enviable Academy Awards festivities.

“I started noticing early on how I could control crowd emotion with musical mixes and it became a personal preoccupation for me.”

A personal preoccupation seems accurate as Shogun’s near perfect spins seem to take crowds on waves and rides from the beginning of a party to the end.

He’s presently playing on the international club circuit. Some of his marquis events include Brand Jordan, Essence, Rock Fashion Week, the National Democratic Convention, UNCF Empower Me Tour, to mention a few. Shogun was sought out by Red Bull to compete in the high-profile Thre3style competition in which he has made several competitive appearances.

In a world where lifestyle marketing has become a major economy, DJ’s are the new celebrity. Shogun, who is savvy, accomplished & world traveled, has gotten this arena under his spell.

“He exceeds expectations”, says a Live Nation rep. “We never have to wonder whether he will ever skip a beat. He always reads the crowd perfectly & makes sure that no one ever leaves a party unfulfilled and now, he’s joining the cast of HS All-Starz TV Show!

Connect to Celebrity DJ Shogun at: https://www.djshogun.com/.