Jasmine Riley

Jasmine Riley “Jas”

Reporter, HS All-Starz TV Show
Career Achievements

20-year-old Jasmine Riley, known as “Jas” on the show was born in Greensboro, NC on January 31st. She is a currently an actress, model, and makeup artist double majoring in Multimedia Journalism and Fashion Merchandising and Designing.

Jasmine plans to use her platform as a model, stylist, creator and journalist to reach one, teach one. Her goal is to change the world one day at a time, while doing what she loves to do and following her passion wholeheartedly-create.

Her plan is to have my own network-TV channel and station, all while modeling and creating creative, innovative businesses and more.

“I’m going to achieve the unachievable, because there’s no limit to my success.”

Connect with Jasmine on Instagram at: @realjrithesav.