Persia Brown

Persia Brown, AKA “Persia”

Reporter, HS All-Starz TV Show
Career Achievements

Hello, my name Persia Brown, known as “Persia” on the show. I’m from Knightdale North Carolina. Basketball has always been my first love. I started playing basketball when I was 9 years old for a recreational team. I started AAU when I was 11 and I traveled to many different states through the years and played in a lot of major tournaments all throughout middle school. I then tried out for my high school basketball team and made Varsity.

That was the greatest feeling ever, because I knew my hard work payed off. I stayed productive throughout high school, playing volleyball and running track. I soon received an award my senior year as Knightdale High School Female Athlete of the Year! Everyone saw how hard I went in each sport.

I then took a leap of faith and decided to do an individual showcase, where I play for myself in front of several different division 2 basketball coaches and ended up scoring double figures in points & rebounds and got many different looks from college coaches as well as AAU coaches wanting me to come play for their team in Virginia.

I ended up playing for Boo Williams-a big team in VA. I was the only girl from NC playing against other girls from Canada, New York, Philly, etc.

The tournaments I played in during this time were huge! We would play in front of Duke, Carolina, and as many D1 schools as you could think of. I received a basketball scholarship to Louisburg College in North Carolina, and I went there for two years! It was a great basketball program that allowed me to reach my dream of playing ball on the post-secondary level!

Some goals of mine: My goals -I want to be a millionaire before I’m 40. I want to be the face of Hilton or have my own hotel in every state…. Lastly, to be a Brand Ambassador!

Connect to me on Instagram at: Pbrownn__.