Robert L. Helm

Robert L. Helm

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Mr. Helm is an inventor and entrepreneur who graduated from Baldwin High School in 1996 somewhere near the bottom of his class, but don’t let that fool you. Robert was driven to succeed! At the age of 17, he started his first business in Lake County called “Robert Helm’s Interior and Exterior Decorating and Cleaning Service.” Helm started this business to create employment for himself in a job-scarce community.

After graduating from high school, Robert moved to Illinois to attend Universal Technical Institute (UTI). He majored in advanced commercial, residential and industrial heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R). Helm graduated and went to work for Sears Service Center in 1997, after acquiring an advanced diploma and universal EPA certification.

Robert quickly ascended to the highest levels in the industry within 5 years and by his 6th year, he was promoted to service technician manager. Under his leadership, the service department generated over 1 million dollars in revenue for the first time in the company’s history.

Helm’s success in the HVAC/R industry was notable. He worked throughout the Mid-West and on many specialized projects. His experience landed him a job as an adjunct professor teaching ultra high-efficiency heating systems at Lansing Community College (LCC). Robert was recognized as an outstanding professor by his students, colleagues and the Center for Teaching Excellence.

After more than 8 years in the field, Helm retired from the HVAC/R industry in late 2003 to pursue an international basketball career and to learn international methods of construction in South Africa.
Helm returned to the US in mid-2004. Shortly thereafter he became a state licensed general contractor and a registered real-estate home inspector. Robert founded Quality Vision Construction and All Seasons Home Inspection Service in late 2004 to capitalize on the real-estate housing boom. This career change provided Helm with many opportunities to use his creativity and ingenuity to solve problems.

In 2009 Robert began chasing his real passion, becoming an inventor. He developed and prototyped several products before establishing his company Accu Distributing, LLC. The first product brought to market by Robert Helm was the Accu-Text Smart Touch, a multipurpose germ resistant fingertip cover used for pressing buttons and touch screens. Accu-Text ™ won the most innovative product at the SPREE Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada presented by the United Inventors Association (UIA).

In 2012 Robert teamed up with his wife and children to form Written By Kids Publishing Company (WBKPC). This company was established by Helm’s then 10-year daughter Nkiyasi to promote bullying prevention, youth literacy, positive morals, and ethics.
Over the past 6 years, WBKPC has blossomed into a multi-dimensional family organization that includes a Written By Kids Publishing Company (WBKPC), (WBK), and Written By Kids Foundation (WBKF).

Now as a seasoned professional and subject matter expert, Robert spends the bulk of his time working with schools, organizations, and communities across the nation to facilitate and encourage dialogs about bullying prevention. Looking for a little inspiration? Here It Is.

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