Shay Hannah

Shay Hannah “Shay”

Reporter, HS All-Starz
Career Achievements

Shay Hannah is a 30-year-old born on September 6th. She is a small town girl from Lexington, North Carolina, with big city dreams. She currently resides in the Raleigh/Durham area. She is a North Carolina State University alumni that majored in Technology Education.

Shay is currently the Sales Director for a start-up tech company. She has a passion for helping others and building long-lasting relationships.

She enjoys giving back through community outreach. She believes that we can change the world with love. “Caring for each other happens one hand and heart at a time.”

She hopes to break into the comedic acting industry. She was voted class clown in high school. She wants to use her platform to bring laughter and joy to everyone around her.

“Laughter is medicine for the soul.”
You can connect to Shay on her Instagram page: Shay_Hanna.