Tamiko Patterson

Tamiko Patterson

Visionary Founder/Designer/Producer, HS All-Starz TV Show
On-Air Segment Host, Mind Over Physical with Tamiko Patterson
Chief Creative Officer, Rising Boom LLC
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It was a sunny Sunday afternoon and Tamiko received a call that would send the trajectory of her “After the Sweat Dries” plan in the direction of television-a call from Dr. K to become the producer of “High School All Starz TV Show”. Both Dr. K and Tamiko were two of the top track and field athletes in the nation as teammates at Enloe High School in Raleigh, NC. And now-many years later Dr. K and Tamiko would be together again creating a sports TV talk show for top student athletes around the country that would provide the “edutainment”, education, resources, and guidance that they both wish they had back during their days of high school athletics. These two powerhouse women are the visionaries behind this first and only TV show that now features the top high school athletes in America, alongside pro and retired pro athletes!

Tamiko’s story begins in Southern Pines, NC on December 27, 1975. Tamiko grew up in Raleigh, NC, from the age of 6. She was always into athletics, wanting to be outside playing different types of sports and skating. At the tender age of 8, Tamiko had to overcome a kidney surgery due to her right kidney functioning improperly.

Tamiko started AAU & USA Junior Olympic Track and Field at the age of 9. During her 10 years competing in the Junior Olympics, she received many 1st-3rd place awards that positioned her to qualify for State, Regional, and National Track Meets across U.S. (from Louisiana to Spokane, Washington). She established herself as one of the top female athletes in the nation by setting records in the long jump during the East Coast Invitationals, then held in Maryland.

As a top high school student athlete between the years (1990-1994), Tamiko wasn’t just an elite track and field athlete and basketball player, she also played in the school orchestra and Citywide School Symphony Orchestra as a Violinist. Tamiko’s went on to study the arts of Photography, Drawing/Painting, Drafting, Sewing, and Fashion Design.

During Tamiko’s high school athletic career, each year she received All Conference Honors in both track and field and basketball. She also received All-State and was nationally ranked in track and field each year and was All-State in Basketball her senior year.

Tamiko attended Christopher Newport University (1994-1998) and studied Fine Arts while participating in the track and field program. While in college, Tamiko was challenged with the beginning stages of Kidney Failure. Like anyone at the age of 19, she allowed her kidney illness to take over her mind. Tamiko was attending school, but mentally wasn’t always there. Her mornings would become afternoons, not being able to get out of the bed due to her body not allowing her. Once Tamiko started back with track practices, she slowly began to get some of her energy back. Today, she feels it’s alright to say that exercising does help with your energy level, given her health-related athletic experiences. But even though she was out on the track during this time, she had to cut back during practices-to not overdo it or put too much strain on her body.

Through it all diligence, perseverance, determination, and the pure grit of a champion defined this athletic phenom’s story behind the glory. Through it all, Tamiko came out of college a 7-Time All-American with 2 National Championships and became a Female Team National Champion! Years later, in January 0f 2016, Tamiko was inducted into the Hall of Fame at Christopher Newport University!

From childhood to adulthood, Tamiko has always been into the arts. She paints large, vibrant works with a strong sense of pattern and graphic design-many of which reflect powerful female images. Several of Tamiko’s paintings have won Top Honors in Art Exhibitions. In addition to Tamiko’s Artwork, she creates decorative pillows, curtains, handbags, and apparel. As a gifted, multitalented artists and designer, Tamiko is also the proud mom of five children-two of which were ranked in the top 2 in the state and top 7 in the nation. Her oldest sons are bound to make history on the college athletic field-gleaning inspiration from the power of their mother’s story and the living example of grit, diligence, and determination in action. Their younger brother and sisters too feel so blessed to have a mom who never quit and never ever gave up but exhibited the type of championship attitude that has equated to Tamiko winning in life “after the sweat dried”.