About the TV Show


Set to air on the CW Network in 14 major cities in America, the FIRST AND ONLY national TV show featuring the top high school athletes (male and female) in all sports alongside pro and retired pro athletes is launching-“HS All-Starz”! We tell the story behind the glory of America’s top athletes, while featuring clips of their awe-inspiring highlight films on the show!


Our TV Show features 4 major segments:

(1) The HS Rising Boomers Segment: Features top HS athletes discussing various hot topics critical for student athlete’s school, sports, career, and life success with our host, Dr. Koyah.

(2) After the Sweat Dries Segment:
Next, top pro and retired pro athletes tell their stories behind the glory, share what they’re doing or plan to do “After the Sweat Dries”, as the top HS athletes on the show get their chance to delve into an enthralling Q&A that helps them devise a success plan to get to the next level by learning tips and strategies for school, sports, and life success from the pro and retired professional athletes!

(3) Hosted by one of the amazing HS All-Starz Segment hosts, each show also features one additional, special featured segment that provides enrichment and entertainment to the student-athletes of America.

Special Segments include:

  • The Solution with Dr. Koyah:
    Hosted by our inspiring host, one of America’s first and only “Life Pathologist”, Dr. Koyah uses her gifts as a motivational speaker, educator, and academic coach to provide success-based intervention, Life Path Strategies, and a success plan for student-athletes in need of a true intervention to truly reach their full potential in sports, school, and life.
  • Bringing Back the Village with Katina Turner:
    Hosted by our own resident School Social Worker, Katina Turner, this segment is all about giving back and honoring the everyday student, whose overcome tremendous odds to reach success and brings community resources to support students, schools, and families!
  • Junior All-Starz: (JAS)
    This segment features the Elementary and Middle School Athletic phenoms of the nation, as they share their story behind the glory with America.
  • Mind Over Physical with Tamiko Patterson:
    Hosted by our 7-time All American College Track & Field Star, Co-Founder, and Producer? Tamiko Patterson shines the spotlight on athletes that share her story behind the glory-winning against all odds in sports and life with a disability.
  • Battlers & Ballers with Nonfiction Ray:
    Some pro athletes do music too! Nonfiction Ray covers these professional athletes’ multi-gifted stories behind the glory.

(See the “Apply to be On TV Page” of the HS All-Starz Website for more information on our special featured segments and to apply to be featured on one of these HS All-Starz Special Featured Segments!)

(4) The HS All-Starz Finale– Each TV Show ends with a sizzling, hot musical performance by a popular Celebrity Musical Performer or Performing Artist relevant to the younger generations of today.

Celebrity DJ Showgun is playing music between each “edutaining” segment into and out of breaks, as our TV audience (seated in the HS football field, gym, or auditorium) dances, learns, and vibes in this high-energy, pep-rally environment and are truly “edutained”, through this new type of “edutainment” that has become the signature of Dr. Koyah’s High-energy, empowering, and motivational brand!


How many tours travel around the U.S. with the goal of empowering America’s youth to strive, survive, and thrive in school, sports, career, and life? This is it! The HS All-Starz Weekend YOUTH Experience is coming to a city near you!

Taking our show, “HS All-Starz”, on the road, we tour the country each year by bringing a traveling TV show, celebrity musical performers, Pro and retired Pro athletes, and a plethora of community outreach events, educational workshops, and seminar panels featuring celebrity athletes that are collectively designed to thoroughly entertain, powerfully empower, captivate, and engage the entire family! This is the one TV tour you don’t want to miss! And…guess what?! IN 2021, “HS All-Starz” IS GOING GLOBAL, with our first international tour stop in Liberia, so lookout for further expansion around the globe!

Beginning in September 2019, the HS All-Starz Tour is a youth empowerment movement that brings once-in-a-lifetime empowering outreach programming delivered by pro and retired pro athletes across sports to top major cities in the U.S.!


If you are a pro or retired pro athlete that would like to appear on our TV Show, e-mail us at: Info@HSAllstarz.com!

We are also now scouting and recruiting high school athletes with an empowering story to tell who are on track to be the next pro athletes in America, barring injury or quitting sports!

We want to feature high academic achieving student-athletes, because we focus on athletes striving, surviving, and thriving in school, sports, career, and life! However, we even feature some underachieving athletes who are at risk of academic failure who are in need of an academic intervention with Dr. Koyah (our educator, motivational speaker as host of the show).

While our focus is on high school athletes, we also feature some Junior HS All-Starz Phenoms at the elementary or high school levels in all sports (male and female as well) periodically alongside any pro or retired players in any sport!

Here are the cities where we are featuring High school, Pro, and retired Pro athletes (male & female athletes) in season one:

Recruiting in these cities for Season One:

  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Greenville, SC
  • New York, NY
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Raleigh, NC
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Houston, TX
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Atlanta Georgia
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • New Orleans, LA
  • Orlando, FL
  • Chicago, IL
  • Eugene, OR


Each exhilarating TV season of “HS All-Starz TV Show” ends with a banging season finale experience that’s held through the production and careful execution of The HS All-Starz Annual Professional Development Conference for top student-athletes in the country. The 2020 Conference will be held in Houston, Texas on Friday, January 29, 2021-Sunday, January 31, 2021.

The 2020 conference theme will be Step N2 STEM: Broadening Participation for Women and Underrepresented Populations! This one-of-a-kind conference experience will be one of the first professional conferences in the country geared specifically to student-athletes at the college level, as well as faculty and university leaders!

The 2020 conference will have a poignant focus on STEM careers by incorporating cutting-edge, intellectually stimulating workshops and seminars by top researchers and education experts in the country that focus additionally on global leadership development to broaden participation in STEM careers for women and underrepresented populations.

Given Dr. Koyah’s own groundbreaking research on increasing diversity among leaders in academic medicine, which led to the creation of The Alston Model of Career and Educational Development, this conference is sure to offer top-notch insight into some of the latest strategies, research, and cumulative insight on a topic so critical in getting more women and minorities into STEM and helping to decrease health disparities in America. The STEM Career Fair held at the conference will also expose attendees to some of the top STEM companies and career opportunities in the nation.

This conference’s offerings don’t stop there! There’s supplemental/ancillary athletic programming too! The HS All-Starz Annual Professional Development Conference will also feature a select group of special add-ons for conference attendees including: athletic clinics, skills sessions, and workshops by top pro and retired pro athletes as well as sports executives.

Who doesn’t love an Awards Show, especially one that’s televised? The capstone conference experience of the HS All-Starz Conference Weekend is a “Finale HS All-Starz Award Show” that will be televised to honor the top male and female high school athlete of the year in an event space full of professional and retired pro athletes -all there to celebrate the accomplishments of the top high school athletes and coaches being honored. It’s the HS All-Starz version of the “Espy Awards” of sorts and you won’t want to miss this!

Make sure you visit our “Event Area” of the HS All-Starz TV Show Website-that will be available as soon as tickets go on sale for a tour stop in a city near you and for our Annual HS All-Starz Professional Development Conference!