About Our Company

As an LLC, RISING BOOM was created in 2019 to establish a solid foundation for student-athletes across America and internationally, a solid foundation that focuses on the overall well-being of our youth student-athletic population.

In order to do so, RISING BOOM, LLC has created a mastermind of partnerships with various entities to develop HIGH SCHOOL ALL-STARZ and special edition, JUNIOR ALL-STARZ and a nationally televised TV talk show, that includes all (female & male) youth sports.Our purpose is to acknowledge and showcase the unlimited possibilities of opportunities within and outside of sports for our youth. We strive to encourage student-athletes of America to reach within, above, and beyond their athletic abilities to allow themselves to incorporate and build various talents and skills individually.

RISING BOOM, LLC will continuously build as a powerhouse to include various curriculums, solutions, and spin-offs to educate, encourage, support, and maximize the mentality & physicality within all (female & male) youth sports, as they are more than just an athlete and need to be taught, driven, and recorded as such to achieve overall greatness as human beings set to strive, survive, and thrive in school, sports, and life!

We are proud Sponsors of Worldgives.org 

World Gives is a global empowerment tour led by Dr. Koyah and many others (creatives, entrepreneurs, educators, athletes and more). This tour seeks to reach people around the world to show them how to thrive in life and to fulfill their purpose and dreams. Through the “No Dream Deferred Initiative,” every person’s $1 donation (or more) will go towards building Dream Centers around the world where people of all ages will be inspired and assisted in living their dreams.

To donate or to learn more visit Worldgives.org